Like other professions, interior design is inextricably tied to the ever-changing styles. People are no longer settling for replicating a shop’s front for their houses. Home-makers are instead seeking out trendy and unique furnishings and interiors reflecting their tastes and needs. With this is the growing need for environmentally-friendly designs.

Let your rooms bubble with life

Living walls are both practical and decorative, bringing an aesthetic appeal that’s even tasty. Adding a living planter is a creative and dynamic way of decorating an interior or exterior wall and creating a fresh atmosphere in a room. With hundreds of options for change when needed, decorate your walls with fresh herbs and colorful flower species.

Let natural light in

Maximizing daylight is perhaps the best way to create an Eco-friendly indoor. This is possible through the use of open shades and skylights or by letting your windows face south to get maximum sunlight. Using natural light in place of electricity saves on electrical bills and your overall footprint on the environment.

Use organic materials

Even though you’d be spending more to decorate your interiors with natural or organic materials, it’s one of the best ways to achieve an Eco-friendly home. If you want to create a sustainable interior, you’ll have to get plastic, chromed metals, and particle board out of the list.

Use energy-efficient lighting

The high energy consumption in buildings contributes heavily to carbon emissions. Using energy-efficient lighting is one of the ways to reduce this effect on the environment. Fluorescent lamps last longer than incandescent ones and help save electrical power. Also, look for energy efficiency labels when buying electrical appliances.

Insulation is key

Insulate your walls properly to reduce the amount of heat lost to the surroundings. In the end, you’ll be able to save a great amount of energy used for heating.

What about recycling and reusing?

Recycling and reusing give a second life to a product that would end up in a landfill. This alone helps reduce the impact on the environment. They also help reduce demand for the already strained raw materials. So, you can remodel your old pieces of furniture instead of dumping them and having to buy new ones.Everyone should be conscious of sustainability in every aspect of life, from creating sustainable interiors to reusing what can be reused. You can check out the Tylko’s principles of sustainable interior design for inspiration.

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